Osh Vannock

Male Tiefling Warlord, Inspiration focus. Roughly 30. Discriminating, quietly arrogant.


Stock-standard proficiencies: chainmail, light shield, longsword
Ability priorities: STR, then CHA, then INT


I am Osh Vannock, Defender of the Bellikar Wall, Heir to the Steel Tower of Osbury, and your defeat on this day.

Vannock (only relatives and close friends may call him Osh) is a Tiefling of a noble house who longs for the return of his race’s empire to its once-former glory. He is a firm believer in practicality and in earning one’s own reputation, though he is biased toward military leaders and the aristocracy when it comes to initial evaluations. He is not biased in favor of other Tieflings. In fact, it’s usually the opposite. He holds contempt for those who’ve abandoned his race’s heritage and are content to live in the background of current civilizations. Vannock ultimately seeks a greater name and reputation for himself as a capable general and influential political figure.

When part of his family’s land was about to be lost in a border dispute, Vannock volunteered to lead the defense and repel the invading neighbors. Though relatively inexperienced as a leader, he knew he’d have the advantages of strong troops (bought by his family’s wealth) and favorable terrain (the Bellikar Wall, an unassuming stone defensive structure built for some other battle ages ago). Externally, he claimed an easy victory and gained notoriety as a leader. Internally, Vannock was frustrated at his difficulty with leading troops, particularly those from outside his culture. It is for this reason that he adventures now, to gain more first-hand experience with those outside the isolated realm of Tiefling politics. After all, the better he understands them, the easier it will be for the Tiefling Empire to rule over them peacefully.

The Steel Tower of Osbury is a modest keep with a single tower that has survived a few small sieges that breached the outer walls. A distant cousin of Osh’s currently lords over it. Several relatives make claims to be its rightful heir, each just as valid as the next. It remains to be seen which will actually acquire it.

inspirations: Londo Mollari, any number of Roman generals

Osh Vannock

Irregular 4th Ed Game Quarrel