Born into a tribe of longtooth shifters, far removed from the concerns of most civilizations, Frost stood first in line to inherit the title of moontalker for her tribe. She grew up steeped in her culture’s traditions, learning to speak with the spirits of the ancestors and the land and animals, and most of her cubhood was spent preparing to be a gateway between the physical and the spiritual. She took to her people’s ways and became an ardent supporter of them, helping keep other cubs with more rebellious natures in line.

In her seventeenth winter, she received a vision, telling her to expect a visitor bringing confusion, pain, and joy after a long and difficult cold. The next morning, a solitary wolf arrived at Frost’s camp, accompanied by snow falling from a cloudless sky. She dubbed the new arrival Sunshower, and began following her as the wolf explored their tribal holdings.

The wolf became her guide for the length of the cold season, and together the two went further afield than Frost ever had before. In the course of the winter, several of her tribe’s cubs and elders died from hunger, and Frost took it upon herself to find food. She and the wolf-guide that had been sent to her went into a cave hoping to find bedding caribou or a bear to bring back to the others; they instead found an angry, hungry icebear sow looking to feed her cubs, and in the course of retreat the wolf leapt and took a blow meant for the young moonspeaker-to-be.

With a burst of fury and speed borne of anger, Frost managed to dash back and recover Sunshower’s body, then make their escape from the cave and flee fast enough to safety. Healing the wolf’s injuries and nursing her back to health took over a week, but with the spirits’ guidance and support, they survived to tell the tale when Frost returned to camp… and then announced that she would be leaving, following the wolf on its travels, to return to her tribe and take her place as moonspeaker when the time had come.


Irregular 4th Ed Game orrery