Female ranger, archer proficiency, favors longbow for aesthetics but repeating crossbow for practicality.


Half-elven, raised in the Feywild. Her father is a beastmaster-specialty ranger who, with his wolf companion, serves as Chief Huntsman of a minor Eladrin noble house. Her mother, killed when she was 9, was a human master artisan in metal and gems who came to the court to study with Eladrin smiths.

At age 12, Ciara left the Feywild to spend time getting to know the human side of her family, who as a clan are heavily involved in both fine metalsmithing and merchant activities. Ciara came to the art late and showed little inclination towards it, so her family worked to find a way to put to good use the ranger training her father had given her. She became a traveling emissary for the family, going on trade delegations to dwarven cities to trade for supplies, serving as scout and guard for caravans the family was using to send goods to distant cities, markets and fairs, and also acting as a messenger on occasion.

She still handles family business now and again, but she discovered that life on the road was more interesting to her than city dwelling, and caravans are always in a hurry to get to the next town and slow to leave, not enjoying the traveling time in between. In her early twenties she turned her attention to further developing her ranger skills, focusing on learning the ways of the forests in this world from her father’s extended family.

She does maintain her ties with the Feywild as well, however, and sometimes uses her experience and contacts in the artisan merchanting realm on behalf of the Lady of the court where she grew up (as the Lady does love things of beauty, and few outside the Feywild know both her tastes and how to accurately assess fine metalwork).

Now in her late twenties, Ciara has built a life where she has work suited to her skills and tastes if and when she wants it, but has the freedom to wander and explore when she chooses. She could live a more luxurious life if she pleased, but generally prefers to keep things simple, travel light and live off of the land. She has a strong network of family, friends and business acquaintances that she can call on for favors in various cities and towns – trading hubs – around the land.

One of the strongest drives in her is the hunger to explore; as much as she loves the Feywild, the sense of wonder she discovered when leaving it to travel widely in this world has proven addictive. She can’t imagine a life where she could be happy if she were bound to choose a single home and stay there.


Irregular 4th Ed Game Llyne